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 DDA is operational

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Beelze Master

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PostSubject: DDA is operational   Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:51 am

Hello my Members,
I am here to say that the age Of BOS started early Star has Passed the torch on to me and DDA. I say this now, His Dream will live on! We will grow stronger and rise up the Ranks again. As I see it now It is finally time to start the Recruiting as the rest of the Minor things are Taken care of. I shall announce two things now

First I would like to say that I nominate Muh To be the Dragonecro Dorm Leader. Should he accept he gets to keep his Admin status after banners are completed. I only ask him to be serious when he uses his powers or I will take them away.

Second There are still the Infernity Doom and Hundred Eyes Dorms that need to be filled. Come monday I hope to decide on who is master of those dorms. They will be mods until I believe they can handle being admins.
Third hopefully when we get enough active players I hope to host a First Academy Tournament.
Hopefully we can become what we once were a Great academy for everyone.
Sincerely Founder and Owner of Demon Dragons Academy and Beelze Dorm Master,

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Dragonecro Master

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PostSubject: Re: DDA is operational   Sat Dec 28, 2013 6:38 am

i accept the dragnecro dorm and dont worry i never abuse admin powers

Hi Guest thanks for reading my sig.

Agumon Digivolve To!
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DDA is operational
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